1. Phoenix [GOMB46]
    Küetzal w/ Lag Remix

  2. Gomboc Satellite Transmission [GOMB45]
    Various Artists

  3. Unholy [GX012]
    Franco Rossi

  4. Eternally Yours [GOMB44]

  5. Deep Cut [GOMB43]

  6. Austenite [GOMB42]
    CHRS w/ Darc Marc, Sterling Moss, Løinam Remixes

  7. Warehouse Memories [GOMB41]

  8. Trauma [GX011]
    Francisca Miller

  9. Hungry For The Groove [GOMB40]
    Various Artists

  10. Blacklight [GOMB39]
    Overclocked w/ Reveillon Remix

  11. Kabul [GX010]
    Cut Unconscious

  12. Untitled Series 4
    Various Artists

  13. Best Of Gomboc Records [2017-2020]
    Various Artists

  14. Shaking The Hornet's Nest [GOMB38]

  15. The Black Bogle [GOMB37]
    Mariano DC w/ Perc & Hypnoskull Remixes

  16. Stomp! [GX009]

  17. Temple Of Hate [GOMB36]
    Dawn Razor, Confluence, Takaaki Itoh, 6SISS

  18. Untitled 1 & 2 (Limited Edition)

  19. Kyoto Remixed [GOMB35]

  20. Elbow Strikes [GX008]
    .wav_909 & 7thRaw

  21. Untitled Series: Special Edition
    Reveillon, Chané, Sluhg

  22. Retroversion [GOMB34]

  23. Spott & Häme [GOMB33]

  24. War Dance [GX007]
    Don Woezik

  25. I Dreamed Of A Green Lake [GOMB32]
    OCD, Aahan

  26. Istanbul [GOMB31]
    Animal Holocaust, Aneed, TWAN

  27. Long Wave [GOMB30]
    Buzzi, Xiorro

  28. Back Seat Filth [GX006]
    Martyn Hare

  29. Untitled Series 3
    Various Artists

  30. Kyoto [GOMB29]

  31. Reptilia VA [GOMB28]
    Umwelt, JoeFarr, Steve Parker, WarinD, Reveillon, Covid303, Küetzal

  32. Upper Body [GX005]

  33. La Rave [GOMB27]
    Various Artists

  34. Duality [GOMB26]

  35. Disrupt Human Habits [GOMB24]
    Process 404

  36. Brain Drain [GX004]
    DJ これからの緊急災害

  37. Pray To The Sinful [GOMB23]
    Edo Messina, WarinD

  38. Physical Touching [GOMB22]
    Matias Bagato

  39. Safe, Load, Verify [GOMB21]
    Scale 81

  40. Mjolnir [GX003]
    Don Woezik

  41. Breaking The Core [GOMB20]
    Dist, Blush Response

  42. Untitled Series 2
    Various Artists

  43. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide [GOMB19]
    Break In Tranmission

  44. In Art EBM Is Already a Language [GX002]
    Zwei Gesichter

  45. Jazz The Rhythm [GOMB18]
    Julixo, DJ Hyperactive

  46. Red Elements [GOMB17]

  47. PZ Bunker [GOMB16]
    Reveillon, Nico Moreno, D. Carbone

  48. Cyberpunk [GX001]

  49. Substance VA [GOMB15]
    Various Artists

  50. Glow [GOMB14]

  51. Untitled Series 1
    Various Artists

  52. Laboratorios Dhrona [GOMB13]

  53. Red Shelled VA [GOMB12]
    Various Artists

  54. Communication Protocol [GOMB11]
    Sabes + Inland Empire

  55. Memories From Tokyo [GOMB10]
    Unknown Artist

  56. Gabbers On Acid [GOMB09]
    Deep Dimension

  57. Sync Remixed [GOMB08]
    Reveillon, Ayarcana, Nico Moreno, Axel Picodot

  58. Unexplained Forms On The Planet [GOMB07]
    Dying & TSOW

  59. Juices [GOMB06]

  60. Non Sophisticated Rave Tools [GOMB05]
    Chané, Lars Huismann

  61. South's Reflections [GOMB04]
    Guggini, Dijuma

  62. Luxury Rings [GOMB03]
    Scale 81

  63. Equilibria VA [GOMB02]
    Various Artists

  64. Sync [GOMB01]


Gomboc Records Buenos Aires, Argentina

We are a techno induced label from Argentina. Exploring the mysterious subconscious ideas where inspiration comes from and transforming them into tracks.

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